Spectacular ski jump towers - Sweden
Spectacular ski jump towers - Sweden

Cibes A5000

In the 1970s, the Lugnet Ski Stadium was built in Falun, a city 250 kilometres northwest of Stockholm. The stadium has two ski jump towers which have been the city's most famous landmarks ever since. The view from the highest tower (height 52 metres) is vast.

Lugnet and its surrounding areas will be the site of the 2015 World Ski Championships. Substantial resources have been invested in developing the area into an interesting place to visit for tourists and others too. The ski jumpers will not be alone in enjoying international-level facilities. The completely renovated jump towers will be open to visitors during the summer and the lower part of the slopes will also be used as a spectacular venue for concerts with seating for approximately 13 000 people.

In addition to many thousands of visitors to the site, the World Ski Championships will be followed by half a billion TV viewers worldwide. The ski jumpers and their completely renovated towers will be the centre of attention for many visitors and TV viewers during the competitions. The interiors of both towers have been completely redesigned and at the top of the highest tower there is a glassed-in viewing platform. An important part of this renovation has been the installation of the CIBES A5000 platform lift with four stops in the highest tower. A conventional elevator takes ski jumpers up to the jump starting point. From there the screw-driven lift will take both contestants and visitors on a smooth, quiet ride 11 meters up to the lookout point.


The open lift solution has been adapted to ski jumpers carrying very long skis. A general rule for ski length is body height plus 70cms. Anyone wishing to try out either the CIBES A5000 or their skill at ski jumping are very welcome. The facility is open weekdays after the Championships in 2015, just make an appointment. Remember, the ski jump record is over 130 meters!